Previously I asked whether your business was being nettified. Now I’d like to ponder on what does get nettified or is being nettified.

Nettify and nettification

I found no dictionary results and only two other references to the word being used for this meaning.

v. Nettified

1. To make web friendly

2. To intertwine/entangle with the web


To become nettified



There is another sort of meaning it seems to the word nettified [found only one reference to that], which is something like homogenized/ net effect.

Often words like digitized, web-enabled, standardization, connectedness and openness are linked with nettification.


OK, now that we’ve sorted that one out… What does get or is being nettified?

1. Business models

– Advertising and its future pleasing variants [one hopes] are becoming a means to fund many kinds of businesses

2. Processes

– Sales, client relationship management, operations, supply chain, financial and legal advice, consulting, development, human resources, marketing, IT services, administration, E2E and B2C and B2B communication and collaboration, product and service creation…..

3. Employee models

– Loosely coupled, tightly coupled models and anything in between

4. Corporate and other communications

– Brand, PR, marketing, shareholder, customer, partner, employee

Many examples exist in every category mentioned here. No one organization has taken nettification to every aspect, as far as I know. For in-house I think the US military might be approaching something along these lines. Companies like Lego, Pfizer and others are doing interesting things in engaging with their audiences.

Interesting times ahead.

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