Hunome is an Internet venture I occupy all the time I can. During 2014 and 2015 I have had somewhat of a break in progressing the product, version two being about 20 FTE short of MVP. Sadly development resources have been terribly intermittent, so this has taken a very long time, but on the side it keeps bubbling away.

Hunome is a web-based application and a tool for thought networking helping those curious and often in multidisciplinary work to make sense of how humanity works by solo or co-creating mind-map like outputs.


Some reasons

A human being is a not a linear Q&A session. We are a multitude of things. Human perspectives on humans vary. Research contradicts itself and so on. Hunome puts some structure to these variations and gives it its limelight. This is a H2H effort to globally understand who we really are.If you are in design, humanities, arts, strategy, systems and other similar this probably resonates and you might find this a tool to help you work with others to make sense of these multidisciplinary views.


Hunome is…


A means to improve humanity’s comprehension of humanity

A space to profile you and your perspectives on humans

A purpose-designed site for mapping our humanness

A way to collectively figure out how humanity works

A playground for the curious, creative and humanity interested

A novel approach to making sense of thoughts and providing answers

Hunome is under development – we welcome your registration for an invitation to join us when we launch our site.

Join other humanity explorers on Hunome

          The big WHY?

Increasingly perceptive individuals

able to enlighten relevant contexts

on how humanity works…

amounts to a better world

          Together we can have an impact

…less culturally excused squabbles
…less products with no redeeming qualities
…less confusion about the status of knowledge or its sides
…more knowledge on humans in all decision-making contexts
…sense to who says what, why and how that compares

You are qualified & it takes variations of style, interest, context and perspective to make up our humanness – so it is on Hunome.

Join us in this endeavour to map our humanness!

You can sign-up for an invitation on Hunome.



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