One industry (ICTI) has swelled up a strong wind for all other industries. The Internet, a breeze in the early 90s, is hungry for more.

Life is in the nettification‘s embrace with technologies like:

  • online/offline (Adobe – Air),
  • mobile (like Android and other open promises),
  • location brilliant (many emerging businesses and applied businesses),
  • multi-sensory,
  • searchable/findable,
  • workflow/processes and
  • beautifully presented experiences

Isn’t it amazing how much of your life now depends on the seemingly geekish activity to augment it, speed it up, slow it down, delight you, nurture you….

This is an avalanche of innovation and change in your life and the business you’re in

In many ways the future is not yet visible and yet it is already there in a myriad of smallish experiments of what is possible when current/new technologies are applied to newly thought through business model elements and customer delight. Simple implementations to extend a net based application to the desktop/mobile device for off-line work using the Adobe Air product is a clear example.

In short if your business has not got some serious thinking going on about its nettification I think you might leaving lots of money on the table in the next few years or worse yet, the whole company. If you can develop and launch services and businesses on the net in a matter of weeks, how do you compete?

How very exciting!

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