My father loved his books

Our home was always covered in books. Wall to wall books. Even our kitchen had a whole bookcase on something else he loved, cooking. My mother is the ‘chef’ and my father was the chef of the occasional day.

I shipped 30 boxes of books from Finland to Australia in 2000. Our home has now been transformed to fit them. I am just kidding. The house has been transformed but to fit the house around some books that’s taking it a bit too far, no?

In amongst the books I found books that mom had brought back from France when my grandmother passed away. Lovely leather bound illustrated Larousse and other gorgeous things like that.

My father collected Nobel prize winners and so there were many of those and not just one book. He loved Vonnegut, whom I had just lately rediscovered or discovered. Kurt’s writing is a breath of fresh air.

Somehow I feel that my father’s soul is in these books. Books are a good soul keeper as they actually ‘talk back’. I just need to be careful not to read too much into it 🙂

Oh yes, I love books too and my son loves books…..

I miss you Antero Jaurola so I am having a chat here with you….

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