From women’s liberation to men’s liberation to dual liberation

The 70s was the era of bra burning in some parts of the world, women demanding equal rights in areas, which were still behind like for example women in the work force, in management and leadership roles and representation in academia [they still are].

In the 00s we ask ourselves is the approach to women’s liberation actually causing men to be lost in the agenda.

The question is: “Would women’s and men’s liberation actually be better off in today’s circumstances if the whole discussion was about dual liberation?”

If a woman/man has full time work and there is a partner and perhaps also a child, then both man and woman negotiate the terms of ‘existence’. We discuss the ‘what gives’, which is not the same in all partnerships. That’s just the stuff we can deal with inside the family unit.

How about other things that could be done to make all of this work cause by all accounts from the number of articles still written on this it has yet to be figured out.

If dual liberation is not how things are thought about at work, in places of study, in amongst the societal communities then men in particular are not going to get their balance and as a consequence neither will women [works both ways].

One of those vicious circles.

Just a thought……

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