Andy challenged some friends on FB to come up with their list of 15 authors that come to mind in 15 minutes and whose work we thought was going to stick with us for life.
1. Jostein Gaartner – "Sophie's world" in particular
2. Agatha Christie – spent many a holiday in her plots when young
3. Audrey Niffenegger – "Time traveller's wife"
4. Shakespeare – started with this only lately
5. Ken Wilber – while I am not a fan of theories that claim to explain everything, this offers good tools to think about things more broadly
6. Paulo Coelho – philosophical and human
7. Jared Diamond – deep knowledge about so much
8. Ayn Rand – a strong statement by Ms Rand who was directly impacted, now times are different but to write a philosophy into a few novels has not lost its novelty
9. Bruce Lipton – epigenetics
10. Norman Doidge – brain changing
11. Jurgen Habermas – knowledge, humanity, communication
12. Leonard Schlain – a silo breaker
13. Kurt Vonnegut – just so much fun, quirky
14. Jane Austen – wonderful depiction of an era
15. John Ralston Saul – brave boy
…and then of course so many others but these were the first 15 that came to mind.
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