I am interested in the many ways people seek for ‘home’ and a sense of belonging or seek for adventure and excitement in their lives through living in, at extremes, one place all their lives or at the other extreme for example in other people’s homes, moving around every 6-12 months.

There are anecdotal articles, which I have read over many years to describe the impact these life choices have had on people and then there is research with statistics. One stated that a large number of women end up living at close proximity, within ten kilometres of their parents. I think the statistic was for Finland….now that I am blogging I need to keep those articles so I can quote them. I could not find a reference to it on the net….ah well….maybe later.

The question I have to ask myself is, why am I so interested in this? I am trying to remember how I started thinking about this. I think it may have been during my student exchange year in France or my university years, when I was constantly on the go. Maybe it was a story I read and it resonated with me. All this past is not recorded – where were the blogs then? Maybe it is just that I’ve lived in a household with two cultures and always had this nagging feeling of needing to know more about what it does to you….

One story which was particularly interesting was of a woman who started living in other people’s homes overseas and moving every six months. She took the home on including cats, plants, post-it notes on the fridge and even in a way the lives of other people by going to shop where they shop and seeing some of their friends. It is certainly a good way to kick-off a new life in an unknown country or city. What was intriguing about her was that she had lived – and her home base still was – her mother’s house, where this woman had lived all her life.

Anyway will get back to this…..

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