An example of how technology obscures and then surprises us

What is mobile business design. It is in essence a layered view of an organisation from circa early 20th century to today.

A mobile business design leverages a history and a present and some near term future.


A salesman did not sit in an office writing memos [read e-mails] to his clients. He was traveling. He was face to face. He was living the life of the client. For some 20 funny years in many ways we forgot this and then found it again as a great argument when mobile phones came around. wow!


After a little confusion we’ve now come back but with a vengeance. Now we can not only send the lonely salesman out on the road but we can actually keep him company, send him things to help out and listen to the evolving status of the client case. The salesman gets to go home at night and come to the office when it is time to celebrate a success.


Deep immersion anyone. The roads never traveled! The virtual path to success. The party is still at the face to face locale of choice.

Just no energy today to be more deep and meaningful about the important topic of Mobile Business Design. Just to show a little thought journey on how we pendulum swing with our innovations but always in a slightly different place. And yet, we’re still just humans.

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