I watched yesterday a documentary movie called ‘The Secret’ .

It discusses the power of our minds and thoughts to bring about the realities we truly want. It is simple enough, if you want something very much, be it happiness, wealth, even health and you occupy your thoughts in a meaningful around the way in which you’d like to see things pan out, you eventually make it happen.

Some aspects of the documovie were slightly annoying, e.g. too much focus on making money as the example used, but it is well worth a look into. It is along the lines of a few other movies like ‘What the bleep do we know’ and ‘down the rabbit hole we go’. Some of the same people were interviewed in all three movies. I might add that the people interviewed come from all walks of sciences et al.

The premise is scientific in that it brings together fields of quantum physics, physics, and also psychology, philosophy and so on to discuss how our own energy interacts with the universe’s energies.

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