Brain and the wonders of it

Languages spin magic with me. I speak a number of languages. Depending on the environment I am in, how much I’ve spoken a language, how many years I studied it etc these languages are at different ‘call-out’ levels. So for example I studied Swedish and German for about the same amount of time at school. I haven’t actively used either of those languages for many years. When I now try to recall either of those, the other language seems to pop up into my mind. It is like layers where languages can be at similar levels causing confusion, and then again this may just be me.

…Often .. as I busily type in English suddenly a word of Finnish goes into the text without me noticing immediately. The flow of thinking carries on in English and yet my fingers type a Finnish or sometimes French word.

The other way in which this happens is that there are some English words I type a lot and sometimes I am typing something close to that often typed word, and it just comes out as the often typed one.

Maybe somewhere there is a scientific explanation to how this works.

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