Us hunomers had a small gathering yesterday to put a stake in the ground and celebrate a major milestone – we have seen Hunome early phase and it is turning into a beauty 🙂

Over the last year and a half, plus much noodling around the vision even before then, the team has grown to 10+ people, 3 of us are full time and the rest are fabulous people who’ve put in their effort to help out in part-time mode.

Hunome is for fun and serious peeks into humanity, what makes us tick. We are creating a space and tools, which we hope will be of interest to all those who seek to know, be on the pulse and just be perceptive about humanity, in all its variety.


Over the next several months we will be opening our doors gradually to people who are in the thick of this space and wish to take part in making Hunome what it can be. If you are a social scientist, artist, product creator, strategist, designer, futurist, historian or just plain curious about humanity then we’d love to hear from you and put you on our invitee list for the private Alpha stages of Hunome.

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2 Responses to A major milestone – Hunome Alpha preview

  1. catherine says:


    Quand peut-on voir?
    le petit Hunomer n’en finit pas de marcher! Où va-t-il?

  2. DJ says:

    Tres bientot! Oui je sais, le pauvre, il est un peu dehydrate. Catherine, je pense qu’il a besoin d’un massage. 🙂 Il est en voie d’evolution.

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