Illusions and cycles and beliefs….cannot believe the amount of disagreement

Since my arrival in Sydney in 1988 this is the coldest and wettest winter….I don’t want to debate cycles and illusions and beliefs about that. Just a very practical observation. When so much water comes down that a city is not built for it – there are problems.

Over the last two days we had water flowing in through the roof – luckily we caught that one and it is getting a good fix for the back flow of torrential rains. Spreading the water from the drains etc. We also had water flow into our under house storage, which is not unusual when there is a lot of water. This time though we – despite plastic boxing for years – found 3 boxes of “to be saved” things soaking. Children’s nursery rhymes in Finnish and English destroyed.

I love my books. I have a hard time letting go of them. We did donate about eight large boxes over the last some weeks. Sniff. There is something tactile, sensual even, they are a sign of moments in life, they mean more than the story in the book. They are about life and thoughts as they unfold.

We’re lucky that one of our neighbors has stored a number of boxes of books I shipped from Finland when my father passed away. He – Antero Jaurola – was a collector of Nobel prize winner books. They are all in Finnish. Bar Sillanpaa‘s books the books are all translations. In culling my books I chucked out many translations.

Thank you Duncan and Ethel for storing those books so long.

I do have some in electronic format too.

Currently I am reading a story about muses and the artists – by Francine Prose. I am reading this one on my mac. I also bought wisdom of the crowds as an electronic book but bought the real thing too 🙂 The relationship between the artist and the muse is intriguing. A life long passion. No matter what the situation or age difference or what ever.

So what do climate change and books have to do with each other? Nothing much. Electronic books don’t need storage and this book on muses is on my laptop…and issues of storage on it are chronic.

So no matter what storage one has it is an issue and climate change is making one of them tricky.


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