Defining the meaning of far and near in the context of this site…and maybe other…let’s see

The name far other worlds for this blog came about in a chat with a friend. I had started with a name like tuning to musings, which did not seem to gel with the experienced blogger.

He asked: What is your point of view? What are the kinds of things you want to talk about in your blog?

Both great questions. As one starts blogging it is not certain where it all goes in the end [streams still emergent] but if we don’t talk about stuff we’re interested in or even passionate about then I guess we’d lose interest in it in no time. This search for expression, style and a baseline on the areas of interest is the reason why it has taken me a long time to take this blog public.

I’ve been sand boxing it for myself for quite some time really to test that I have the continuous interest in putting my thoughts down and also sharing my thoughts, at least some of them. 🙂

In some way many of the topics I wish to write about [not sure it is all that clear yet] evolve around my interest in the combination of emergent in technology, humanity and business shape.

I search for beauty in the way in which organizations work, in the emotions that govern my everyday and in the connectedness of this world – physical and mental.

It is a search to understand and to reach. I seek to increase the interactions which renew and energize. Of course one has to do things that are not quite in line with that but for the rest, life is too short not to seek for the ultimates, while being pragmatic.

The far other worlds are those I can evoke in my mind and seek to surround myself with on paper, in visual imagery or at times by simply getting on a place and bringing geographical distances to nil and seek to improve the cultural connecting. We humans are very much the same and yet in some dimensions, shaped over time and situation, so different. I have always been interested in digging into those variants.

Far other worlds are the mental directions of my search as well as the geographical distances to family and friends, loved ones. The search relates to personal and work life interests in the future, the human condition [la folie humaine at times], beauty of soul and our surrounding environment, continuity conditions in the business world…..

Far other worlds is an infinite world of wonder, often first expressed in imagination, and then selectively realised, call me a pragmatic dreamer

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