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Now I have a new passport arriving from France with my maiden name, which was already there anyway, but the passport needed to be redone, getting in to the biometrics era. I have received my name change document from the Australian births deaths and marriages office and I just got a letter from Finland that my name change has been approved. That is kind of funny cause hey it was my name to start with but processing my name reversal is one way to make money for the government.

In Finland it is actually rather cool. The officials called ‘Maistraatti’ will have the name change on their systems and hence many official parties will see it automatically. In Finland I don’t have to carry a name change document with me everywhere I want to make a change, like I need to in Australia.

Finland is one of those countries where ‘big brother’, aside from being a global/local reality TV show, which has hopefully run its course, is one of the least feared issues of the Connected World. In the US and in Australia such access to information seems to cause people some privacy issues. I guess cause people have so much to hide???

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