My son lives with a rabbit

From France I found a great present, mainly for my son.

As it was a holiday without my boys I figured that I should bring something home.

I read an article on Nabaztag and decided it was a neat gift. It is a wifi toy rabbit: connected, house trained, smiling, talking, singing – or what ever you decide it needs to do…..send a message via the net or via an e-mail to the rabbit.

Not only is it fun but it has some utility too.

If my son is in his room and I am either in office or upstairs I have two possible means to reach him, either I go to him, yell and hope that he is not on headphones or intercom him on the cordless phone, which is not always in his room.

The Nabaztag rabbit [funky limited edition version by designer Andre] is a funny looking creature, which is wirelessly connected to the net. I can send my son messages via the site or direct on e-mail and the rabbit reads the message to him in the chosen voice and even language.

Call it remote parenting a la 21st century, but hey I can do that even when I travel, which is something I look forward to. We’ll see what my son thinks of it. “Chris, have you done your homework?” Now I just need my own travel pet so loved ones can send me messages too.

Now here is a pet I can happily have in the house, without any of us sneezing too much!

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