What is the role of the science fiction writer in our future?

….my view is that science fiction writers imagine the future – which the scientists and business people then go and make happen – sometimes it takes a long time – but I don’t think that they ‘predict the future’ as someone said in an article lately [the link no longer works…] – no they imagine the future….

Science fiction is art just like a painting. Both require the specific knowledge and foundations of the craft. In science fiction it is knowledge of technology and human interests.Some science fiction is better than others on the latter part. It inspires. It makes you see how something in Sci-Fi might be made possible.

It then takes many participants, co-creators to make the vision happen. Science fiction has the benefit of engaging with a good story, as against the way in which corporate vision is told. That communication ability is what inspires. If a novel idea has no context, is not shared in an engaging manner what hope does it have to rise above the NOISE?

It is one of the best proofs that vision is important.

Helas it [vision or science fiction as a source] is still not well embraced by most businesses. Too busy to go kick another few sets of tires, which in turn leads nowhere….

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  1. Patrick says:

    May i give you a (very) good, and old, SF title ?

    Ravage from René Barjavel (only the French version is available, i think, but no problem for you !).

    Just to see a future without…one of the thing wich’s too important…tooday.


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