I visited Vancouver over the weekend of 19-21st of April. It was an Association of Professional Futurists conference, or rather a cozy get together among people who know each other more or less and who welcome a chance to mingle with colleagues.

During this weekend, among many other fun and informative things, we did a book swap and got to know about many great works out there providing us with more tools and insights to what is understood, known, not so well known and accessible.

The book I proposed was Biology of Belief by Bruce H. Lipton. It is an easy to read account on the changes in biology. Epigenetics, as the emerging field is called, is altering how we think about thinking and its impact on our very core of being. You can read more here.

In the book there is a quote, which I read out during a panel I took part in “international futures identities”.

The quote, in light of the scientific view on how we can change, is powerful:

Mahatma Gandhi wrote:

Your beliefs become your thoughts
Your thoughts become your words
Your words become your actions
Your actions become your habits
Your habits become your values
Your values become your destiny

In parallel I have read a number of other books relating to the same topic of our power to guide our destinies. Books like ‘Spirituality for the skeptic, a thoughtful love of life’ and the ‘Power of Now’ and ‘Tao Te Ching’, all of these combined discuss the poetic, the scientific, the practical and the spiritual means to a life of beauty.

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