The more ‘connected’ we are the less ‘connected at the hip’ we need to be – potentially only applies to work….

On the 23rd of May I gave a short presentation on ‘Connected World’ to CSC media invitees in Switzerland. The presentation touched on eight key trends in the connected world; things like presence and location, mobility in everyday and business, industry cross overs, networks as an innovation platform, time and place shifting or liquid time and place and connected things in everyday digitization, business and as systems…

One question I was asked was about the impact the connected world has on management.

The style of management in the connected world is very different to the old world style.

The main difference is that as transparency of your actions increases, real life presence decreases and access to all necessary information increases for all you need to lead rather than manage.

You lead by your ability to guide, provide inputs and insights and by your role in checks and balances [budget and outcomes]. Any organization which still has people whose only role is to ‘manage’ other ‘resources’ should seriously rethink. Why? Because a flatter approach, which means that everyone has a role to play and can run with it delivering outcomes rather than reports, is much more rewarding…

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