I am – it would seem – allergic to red wine and most probably also to white wine. It is either the tannins or the preservatives, not sure which or both. This predicament is truly annoying as I love red wine. Especially the full bodied ones. I do drink red wine though. For a moment I thought I had done some clever allergy combating by drinking a bit on a regular basis. Bliss! Lately though the allergic reaction is back.

I am positive about it though and say to myself: “It is 1st of September in Sydney, this means that spring just sprung”. As an aside isn’t it cute that the seasons go by the calendar month. In Finland, the country I was born in, we know spring by things that happen in the nature, the snow melting, the leaves, the crocuses, the distinct sandy smell on my hands. In fact I have never heard of anyone else having sand smelling hands….

As it is spring in Australia it might be that the nature is at play somehow, I just cannot see it, by the pollen in the air and that’s what the reactions are all about. I have now not had any red wine for some days and no reaction… Haven’t lost hope just yet, maybe I’ll react again tomorrow and hence have proven my theory that it is not really the red wine coming back to give me a hard time.

Hard time indeed. Once every month or so, although lately more, I have one day of sneezing. When I sneeze I break the ear drums of others, in particular in the car. I also get really exhausted. Someone said to me that sneezes are like little heart attacks. It is no wonder then. I sneezed about 100 times on Friday and was pooped.

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